The responsibility of the modern BHS designer is to create a sense of empowerment for the passenger and the airport’s operations personnel. For the passenger, it is important to make them feel in control of the situation by giving them the tools to ease their way through our terminal.
— Blair Cox

BHS Design Services

Keeping Airports Moving

JSM provides numerous design and technical services ranging from simple conceptual designs to detailed bid specifications. JSM utilizes the latest technology to create and implement their designs to ensure the clients requirements are met. 

  • Designed Checked Baggage Inspection Systems for CAT X and Large Hub Airports

  • Collaborated with most national aviation architects

  • Multi-national experience from performing designs on three continents and the Caribbean


TSA Compliant PGDS Designs

SFB_Outbound CBIS Reconfiguration-SFB.jpg

BHS Design Services Including:

■ TSA / PGDS Compliant
■ Concept / Schematic Drawings
■ Basis of Design Reports
■ 100% Construction Drawings
■ BHS Specifications
■ RFP Documentation
■ RFP Response Evaluations & Recommendations
■ Construction Administration


Equipment life cycle status

■ Safety Compliance
■ Mechanical Operation
■ Control System/Electrical System
■ Maintenance Program Suitability
■ Near Term/Long Term Recommendations


Performance Report

■ Safety Compliance
■ Service Bulletin Updates
■ Mechanical and Electrical Condition
■ Man Power/Schedule Assessments

BHS Assessment

Utilizing its extensive experience in the manufacture and installation of baggage handling systems around the world, JSM can perform accurate, cost-savings assessments of aging BHS systems and passenger boarding bridges.


 BHS Owner’s Authorized Representative Services

As your OAR, JSM represents the client’s interest only. JSM acts as the liaison between the contracting team and the airport, utilizing our BHS staff’s expertise to protect the client’s on-going operations from deleterious impacts from construction activities. We are your eyes and ears on the job site, ensuring you the quality you expect.

Individual Carrier Systems (ICS)

Recognizing emerging technologies, it became clear to JSM that the marketplace is shifting towards ICS technologies. JSM has an experienced team armed with a wealth of ICS technology experience to draw upon for an in-depth analysis and knowledge sharing.  Including experience working with a leading ICS manufacturer, as well as having negotiated the installation of an ICS system into the TSA Security Integration Facility (TSIF) for testing and executing a complete design/build of a fully integrated ICS inbounds, transfer, and a Level Three (3) outbound security system. With this knowledge, JSM is supremely positioned to enter this new phase of system design and consultancy requirements.  JSM can conduct a complete analysis of your airport to find the right ICS solution customized for your unique situation.


A clear choice for your design partner.


Manages, oversees & coordinates all facets of the pre-construction, bid & award, construction & close-out phase of all assigned projects

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Reviews pre-construction documents

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Plans, organizes, and prepares reports to upper management 


Coordinates with all pertinent public agencies during pre-construction and construction to comply with all off-site work

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Coordinates with various District and Project staff


Manages both the project budget & schedule


Monitors the project budget on a monthly basis & ensures that the budget accurately reflects the project status/progress

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Manages daily activities of the contractor, reviews contractors’ construction schedules & submittal