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JSM & Associates (JSM), is a leading baggage handling system design and operations/maintenance firm for airports across the globe. We provide our clients strategically executed BHS design, consulting, concepts and planning, as well as comprehensive BHS/Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB) operations and maintenance. As one of the few owner-operated firms in the airport design, consultancy and operations marketplace, JSM has achieved a long and successful history in the aviation community. Our value is derived from our experienced and knowledgeable employees as well as our management team’s more than 200 years of combined BHS engagement. 



JSM & Associates provides professional engineering BHS design, consultation and maintenance services solely for the aviation community. As a designer and consultant we understand the intricate details of the systems we design. Consequently, this knowledge—combined with our 30 years of aviation experience—provides our customers the expertise and value they expect from both their Design Consultant and Operations & Maintenance Provider.

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Design & Consultation 

From private to regional to bustling international airports, JSM designs customized, tech-forward baggage handling systems, proven to flow smoothly even during the heaviest traffic periods, and provide a foundation for continued growth. We also offer expert analysis, assessments and consultation on how to update, expand and optimize your current system. As your BHS Owner’s Authorized Representative our clients are our trusted partners and we go to bat for them.


Operations & Maintenance

JSM’s experienced technicians know the architecture of baggage handling systems so thoroughly they can address any and every issue quickly and confidently. Unlike many providers, JSM is focused on aviation. Our O&M experience promotes not only brilliant systems, but also rapid, reliable maintenance, upgrades and repairs that does not disrupt airport operations. 


Featured Projects & Capabilities

JSM provides time-proven design, consultation, operation and maintenance services for seamless and flexible high-tech solutions—whatever your BHS requirements are now and moving forward. We design and manage fluid, efficient, streamlined systems that can be employed quickly, regardless of your current system, and can be easily and gracefully expanded as your throughput and technology needs evolve.


The JSM Design Team has:

Designed Checked Baggage Inspection Systems for CAT X & Large Hub Airports

Collaborated with most national aviation architects

Multi-national experience from designing on three continents and the Caribbean

JSM O&M personnel haVE: 

Maintained every major BHS equipment manufacturer’s conveyor products

Operated & maintained baggage handling systems at 50 different airports 

Performed repairs with in-house personnel


Aviation Focused

JSM is completely dedicated to the aviation community. We understand the integral complexities of airport environments. We know what our customers and their customers expect: adhering to security and safety compliance, meeting flight schedules, providing equipment reliability, and adapting to the dynamic, ever changing airport environment. We recognize that an airport is unique and is completely different from providing Design and O&M services for commercial buildings, industrial plants, office structures or hospitals. 


How We Do It

Why choose JSM over a huge BHS provider? Quite simply, our more manageable size gives you the advantages of personal service, direct interaction with key professionals and real accountability. All you lose is the bureaucracy. When it comes to streamlined, efficient and technologically-superior BHS, leave the heavy lifting to us.


Trusted by More Airports

Our management team has provided BHS & Maintenance services to 7 of the 10 largest airports in the U.S. 


We Build Everything to Last

This includes our relationship with customers, which we always endeavor to make gratifying and bolstered by trust.


We Remain Flexible & Agile

Our streamlined operation means no red tape or departmental delays—just rapid communication, action and service. Key decisions can be made in minutes.


Experience Like No Other

Our management boasts over 200 years of aviation experience and our team maintains dedicated, long-term employees.


100% Completion Rate

Our quality of service shows in our 100% project completion rate and absolute absence of legal action or conflict.


Aviation is All We Do

JSM focuses on just one industry, making us a true specialist in BHS services, technologies and requirements.

Who we are

Leadership Fostering Growth

With over 200 years of team experience providing BHS Design, Consultation and Operations/Maintenance services—solely focused on the aviation community for large international and regional airports—JSM has established itself as the company that airports demand to provide high quality services and best value services.


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Design Services


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Vice President—CFO/O&M Strategies


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Maintenance Operations


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